Trangia Triangle review – a great stove

Why choose a Trangia Triangle

The Trangia triangle is my go to stove, and it gets used for a large range of activities. I find myself reaching for it more and more.

Trangia Triangle review - a great stove 1

I originally bought it for its weight and size, thinking I would use it where that was the most important factor. But it’s such a good stove, I use it for most things now.

The advantages are:

  • Low weight
  • Tiny size
  • It works in freezing conditions
  • It’s silent
  • Stability
  • It simmers
  • Easily available cheap fuel
  • I can take exactly the amount of fuel needed
  • I can see how much fuel is left

Combined with a 750ml titanium mug, it makes a simple and light all conditions stove.


This is a lightweight stove that packs up tiny. The actual weights are:

117g with the bag

Burner, lid and simmer ring are 112g

How do you use a Trangia Triangle?

The 3 pieces of stainless clip together and the steel insert for the burner just pushes in to place. It’s so simple, but is a little fiddly until you get used to it. Then drop the burner in to place in the central hole. Having removed the lid and not quite filled it with meths beforehand.

Strike a Firesteel into the meths and it will light pretty easily in warm weather.

In the winter, with cold fuel, it’s hard to light. There are 2 tricks to help this.

  • Keep the burner somewhere warm, like your pocket or sleeping bag.
  • Make a little wick out of toilet paper, dip it in and light that. It will not burn and you can remove it after cooking.

Using both tricks means it will light easily in any conditions.

Matches are the easiest way to light the stove.

If you want to keep your pots cleaner, wait until the blue flames arrive in the ring of holes.

To extinguish the stove, put the closed simmer ring over the flame. NEVER blow it out. It doesn’t work and you will end up with flaming meths everywhere. Don’t use the lid or the o ring will melt.

Use the simmer ring to control the heat. If you combine this control with adding or removing a wind shield, you can achieve remarkable control over temperature. This little stove is a joy to cook on, as you can simmer really easily.

NEVER fill it while it is burning.

How much meths does a Trangia use?

The capacity of the Trangia burner is 125ml.

If you fill the burner to 2/3 full, it holds about 100ml. This is enough to burn for around 20 minutes and it will boil a litre of water in around 10 minutes. So about 2 litres of boiling water for every fill. this varies hugely with ambient temperature and water temperature.

If I go on an overnight camp using dried food and have 3 cups of tea, I take 100ml in the burner and a 250ml bottle of spare fuel. I never run out, but I use nearly all of it in the bottle and come home with the burner full.

If there are 2 of us, and a cooked breakfast is involved, as well as a proper evening meal, I will take 1/2 a litre of fuel.

Your mileage will vary, but in the real world, that’s how it works for me.

What fuel does a Trangia use

Methylated spirit (meths). I do not recommend using anything else. Meths is readily available and cheap. It works the best and is safe. You can buy it in 5 litre containers which makes it really cheap.

Trangia Triangle review - a great stove 3

I use these 250ml bottles for an overnight trip.

Trangia Triangle review - a great stove 5

The best alternative fuel is EKOFUEL bioethanol, which is specifically stated as being for Trangia stoves.

Trangia Triangle review - a great stove 7

Trangia says it is fine to burn ethanol above 70%, but it will be sooty.

Buying a Trangia Triangle – beware

Bear in mind that when you buy a Trangia Triangle, it doesn’t come with a burner. To me that is an advantage as I already have 2 and don’t need to waste money on another one. They last forever.

You will need to buy the stove and the burner.

Is the Trangia Triangle discontinued?

The Triangle was not available, but now, in 2022, it has become available again in a slightly different design. It looks a bit better, but there was never a problem with the older one. It is rumoured that they discontinued it because of a patent or some such infringement.

It’s great news that you can buy it again, and Amazon sells them.

A windshield for your Trangia Triangle

I would regard this as an essential addition in all but the lightest breezes in the summer. I use a foldable foil one, that weighs next to nothing.

Trangia Triangle review - a great stove 13

It is great for regulating temperature and controlling a simmer. If it is breezy, you need it to boil water quickly in the winter.

Fuel bottles

You can buy a Trangia fuel bottle which is the safest and leak free way to transport fuel. For a long trip, I will do this.

Trangia Triangle review - a great stove 15

But for an overnighter, the 250ml bottle that you can buy meths in works well and is a good amount for 2 people and 24 hours.

The pot problem

If you have a pot that is less than 10cm in diameter, it will not fit on the pot stands. This is a real problem for most titanium mugs that are popular as pots. Mine falls though.

Have no fear, you can find a modification below that solves the problem.


The Trangia Triangle needs modification to work with pots less than 10cm in diameter. It’s a cheap and simple modification that only needs a kebab stick or a similar piece of metal, like a welding rod. Just bend your chosen metal around the pot supports into a triangular shape, and you have a pot support for tiny pots. It holds the pot a little lower than ideal, but this doesn’t seem to affect the performance. You can’t use the simmer ring with the mod, but it’s only for boiling water so doesn’t matter.

You can buy a pot stand on ebay but it is definitely more elaborate than you need. Some people use the shield from a computer fan.


Of all the stoves I own, this is the one I use the most. A firm favourite that just does it better, packs small and light, yet is a perfect cooking stove for real food cooking, due to its superb heat control.

Buy 2, or combine it with another type of stove and you have a setup that will cook the finest of meals.

The triangle is better than the regular Trangias as you can use any pot on it, and let’s face it, the Trangia pots aren’t the greatest.

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